About us

You may be asking yourself:"What does Red Paint mean?" We named our company Red Paint because our mission is to get the consumer to go out and enjoy the city, whether it's to catch a show, drink with friends, indulge in delicious food, or be a tourist in your own town! We drew from the old saying "let's paint the town red" meaning to go out and have FUN. Our goal is to provide you the "red paint" or recommendations for unique activities going on around town. We strive to help you find locally owned and operated businesses right in your neighborhood that you may not have known existed or known what quality goods or services they provide.
Officially established in October of 2016, Red Paint began as an idea born out of disappointment from misinformation and going to the same old places over and over. Frustrated from researching countless websites, reviewing social media pages, finding out about events or promotions after they have ended or asking friends what to do around town, we decided to take it upon ourselves to do the research and put it all in one place. We know there are hidden gems all over RVA, and we want to unearth them for you!
The best form of advertising is word of mouth. We all see numerous ads all day everyday telling us what we should see and do, but we all have that one friend or family member who knows the best of everything that's going on. Their recommendations beat out even the most influential ad. Red Paint strives to be that friend or family member with all the best suggestions on where to go around RVA!
What do you say? Are you ready to paint your town red?